Some Of The Benefits Of Fresh Fish


Some Of The Benefits Of Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is a low-fat, high-protein food type that can provide you with a host of beneficial health benefits. Oily fish contains “good” fats and omega-3 fatty acids, while white-fleshed fish has the lowest fat content when compared to any other type of protein from an animal. The human body is not capable of producing enough of these nutrients which are regarded as essential, fresh fish should be included in the diet. In addition, fresh fish is extremely low in what is known as the “bad fats” that are generally found in meats that are red such as beef or pork. These fats are known as omega-6 fatty acids.

The Reason why Omega-3s Are Essential For Good Health

There is a large amount of evidence that know indicates why the omega-3 fatty acid can provide various health benefits. These benefits of fresh fish include:

•Assist in maintaining cardiovascular health. They play a vital role in regulating vessel constriction and blood clotting.

•They are essential for postnatal as well as prenatal neurological development.

•These omega-3 fatty acids have been known to alleviate certain symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis and decrease tissue inflammation.

•These fatty acids are also said to halt certain mental decreases in the older people, reduce depression and play an important role in irregular heartbeat, known as cardiac arrhythmia.

Omega-3’s located in fresh fish known as DHA and EPA, provide some of the best health benefits. Some other benefits of fresh fish that are Eco-friendly lower in any environmental contaminants and a high source of omega-3 include these types of fish:

•Albacore a Tuna located in Canada and the U.S

•Farmed rainbow trout situated in Canada and the U.S




•Atlantic mackerel

•Arctic char

•Wild salmon that comes from Alaska

Eating fresh fish can increase the flow of blood to important organs such as the brain. This can decrease or halt dementia in people when they become older. Diets that have a rich source of the fatty acid omega-3 that are generally found more in oily fish are known to increase reaction time in adults aged eighteen to thirty-five. In addition this essential fatty acid is known for decreasing mental fatigue in people who have performed tough or tedious tasks.

Dr Phillipa Jackson a lead researcher states that, findings that relate to an increase in blood flow to areas such as the brain can have more positive implications for people when they get older. Specific evidence states that eating fresh oily fish on a regular basis can prevent or slow down the effects of dementia and cognitive decline.

There are many other health benefits of fresh fish. However, it is always important to source fresh fish from a reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Some fish available in supermarkets do not come from ethical resources. It is important to research which types of fish are still readily available and which fish have become endangered or contain high amounts of contamination such as mercury.

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Types Of Fresh Fish For Cooking


Types Of Fresh Fish For Cooking

Cooking fish is a great way to prepare some great food and know it is healthy as well. However, for a lot of people it can be difficult to figure out what type of fish they should be making. This is when people may want to know about some of the types of fresh fish for cooking and why they should be using some of these types of food. Here is a short list of some of the fresh fish that people can buy at the store and cook when they get home.

Salmon is one type of fresh fish that it seems that everyone has heard of or eaten at some point in time. However, when people are looking at salmon they need to make sure it is wild caught in Alaska as this has the best nutrient and taste. Not only that it tends to have lower levels of pollution than what the farmed salmon has.

United States or Canadian caught Albacore tuna is the nest type of fish people will want to consider. While tuna tends to be an acquired taste for a sandwich or other forms, it is often seen as a great fish that is edible and quite enjoyable. So people will be able to enjoy this fish and know that they have a variety of methods that are available to prepare the fish.

Oysters are known mainly as an aphrodisiac, but what a lot of people need to realize is farmed oysters are also very good for them. The farm raised oysters will help with the one aspect that was already brought up, but it will also help with the Omega 3 acids that people have heard so much about.

A fish that a lot of people consider nasty, is actually one of the best foods for people. That food is the wild caught sardines from the Pacific Ocean. The sardines have been proven to pack more Omega 3s than almost any other food on the market and this has really helped to make this a food that has gained popularity among people seeking out healthy foods.

Farmed rainbow trout is another fish that people will enjoy. While a lot of times the farmed fish is bad because of the chemical run off, the rainbow trout is a fish that a lot of people will enjoy because of the great taste, but also the health benefits as well.

Freshwater Coho Salmon is also going to make this list. However, if people are getting this salmon, they need to make sure it is farmed in tanks. This way people can start to get the great taste of salmon, but also avoid a lot of the chemical contamination that is present with the fish as well.

When people are trying to improve their diet, they will often see seafood as a great option. This is when people should know the various types of fresh fish for cooking. By knowing about the best six types around, it is easy for people to get this fish and know it will provide them with the nutrition they need to have.

The Best Fresh Fish to Cook With


Which Are The Best Fresh Fish to Cook With?

Fish are a tasty and nutritious food, and there are a lot of them to choose from. Figuring out which fish are the best to cook with is not always easy – especially considering that so many Americans never cook their own fish, and rarely even eat it at a restaurant.

Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and as such they can offer some important health benefits. The best fish are ones that are slightly oily, and that are caught from sustainable farms. Popular types include flounder, tilapia, cod, tuna, salmon and catfish.

The average fish is made up of between 17 and 25 percent protein, and it is also rich in the B vitamins – in particular B12 and B6. In addition, oily fish are a good source of Vitamin A and D. Some kinds, such as sardines, which have soft bones, are a good source of calcium. You can also get a lot of iron, phosphorus, iodine and selenium from certain saltwater fish, and all of these benefits come from something that is low in calcium.

What Makes a Fresh Fish?

The best fresh fish are ‘day-boat’ ones that were caught and then prepared immediately, however fish can be classed as fresh even if they have been out of the water for two weeks and kept on a boat, or have been travelling for a couple of days to get to the store.

For the best fresh fish that have been transported long distances, look for ‘frozen at sea’ fish. These are flash-frozen while they are still on-board the ship, and then thawed when they are ready to cook. This keeps the flavour of the fish, and also locks in the nutrients.

The USDA requires that all fish are clearly labelled to show whether they were wild-caught or raised in a farm, and to also show their country of origin.

This is something that is particularly important for things like tuna, where fish caught in certain waters may be more likely to have a high mercury content than other fish.

Cooking Fish

There are many ways to cook fish. They can be smoked, grilled, baked or fried. In the UK, fish are often fried in batter. This makes a highly filling, but very calorie dense meal that includes a lot of saturated fat so it may not be ideal for people who are counting calories. Some fish, such as tuna, are sold ready to eat in tins containing water or brine and this means that they can be eaten cold. Smoked salmon can also be enjoyed cold.

Sushi is traditionally eaten raw, but the food that is usually sold as sushi in the west is not really sushi in the traditional sense, but rather fish like salmon and tuna with rice and seaweed. It is still a very healthy dish, and one that is quite low in calories, but it is not true Japanese sushi by any sense of the word.

Fresh Fish Advice


Fresh Fish Advice.

When buying fish, you always  look for fresh and tasty ones. However, getting a fresh fish is not always a guarantee. Therefore, you have to be careful when selecting your fish. This is why this article is here to help you enjoy your meal and always look forward to eating more fish. Here is fresh fish advice to help you when choosing fresh fish.

The eyes
Make sure that the eyes of the fish you buy are clear and glossy. The eyes of the fish are the mirror to how long they have been out of the  water. No matter what happens to the fish, the color of the eyes will never be manipulated to trick you that the fish is fresh.

The eyes of the fish are bright and clear when they are taken out of water. The more they stay out of water, the more the color of their eyes fade. After some time, the color of the eyes will turn to a dull gray color.

Though fish with dull colored eyes are still safe to eat, they are no longer fresh and may not be tasty. Fresh fish eyes should also have a little bulge. Fish that is  not fresh  has sunken, cloudy or red spotted eyes.


A fresh fish has bright red gills. If the gills are gray or brown, the fish is no longer fresh. The color of fresh gills can generally be described as a rich red, not a pale red color. If the fish is kept for a little longer, their gills turn to a faded brick color.

The texture of the fish
Try to press the fish with your fingers to  test if it is firm. Your fingerprint should not be visible after you press it. If your fingerprints remain on the fish, look for another fresh fish to buy. This is because the fresh fish flesh will bounce back as the scales hold on to the body of the fish tightly.

The scales
The scales of a fresh fish have to be tight and shiny.  Fish that is not fresh has scales that are loose and are flaking away. The color of the scales has to be metallic and not dull with discolored patches. If you can manage to touch it you will notice it is slimy.

The smell
Fish should not naturally have a nasty smell as some people assume. If it does, then it is not fresh. Some people have compared the smell of fresh fish to cucumbers or clean sea water. Some fish may smell ammonia like or sour. This means that the fish is not fresh.

The best way to smell fish is to sniff the fish slowly for three times. Kindly ask the person over the counter to lift the fish so that you can smell in case you are not allowed to touch the fish.

Make sure that one part of the fish is in contact with the ice if you are going to buy. Do not buy fish stacked on top of each other. If possible cook the fish you buy the same day or if not possible the following day. This is to prevent the fish from losing  more water as a result of the previous refrigeration.

Put the fresh fish advice into practice and you will start enjoying fresh fish in a way you have never before. Fish meat is healthy  and there is no reason why you cannot eat it often.

Why Buy Fresh Fish To Eat


Why Buy Fresh Fish To Eat

Eating is something that is required for people to do each day. However, what people need to realize is why they should be using the freshest ingredients possible. This is when people really need to know why buy fresh fish to eat is one of the best options they can do. By knowing about this, it will be easy for people to see this is a great option for getting the best ingredients and knowing they are going to help them in living a healthy lifestyle, instead of having to try to choke down something that does not taste right or have the vitamins people need.

Quality of the taste is going to be one of the primary reasons to get fresh fish. While the frozen fish may sound appealing, it is very hard to determine how old the fish is. Yes, the fish has a use by date, but their is no guarantee the fish did not sit in the factory as a frozen fish for a couple of weeks before the company did anything with it. However, when people are getting fresh fish, they will often notice the fish is going to have the unfrozen look and be placed on ice in the display cabinet.

Different recipes are available for people to try when they are using fresh fish is going to be something else that is going to make a difference for the food people are using or not. So people will find that when they decide to buy fresh fish, they will have the chance to open up their menu more. This in turn will make it easier for people to get the food they want to make and enjoy. Without this, people may have to settle for the way the food was already prepared and it may not suit their needs.

Vitamins and nutrient content in fresher food has a tendency to be higher. While some of the concentrations, like Mercury, are higher as well, the overall vitamin content of the fish is higher. So people will be able to get more of the vitamins their body needs to have and know they do not have to mix in a lot of other foods or even take supplements to get the vitamin concentration. Even frozen fish will have some vitamin content, but it is not nearly as high as the fresh fish that people can either catch or buy at the store.

When people are trying to lead a healthy life style, they will often notice it is quite a bit more of a challenge than what they though. This is when people should know why buy fresh fish to eat, instead of getting the frozen fish that is found in the freezer section of the store. By knowing about this information and how the fresh fish has more benefits, it will be easy for people to see this is an option for food they need to take. Without this, people may continue to settle for less with a bland frozen piece of fish.